Torus Skirting

We manufacture our skirting boards in a wide range of materials, from MDF to Oak, from an excellent choice of designs through to creating bespoke designs.


We work with architects and builders to ensure you benefit from excellent products manufactured to a superior level of quality and that your order is right - first time! With over 25 years experience, we know what it takes to deliver top notch customer service.


Torus skirting is one of our best selling designs displayed on our website. A design which is available in a mixture of different materials, which we can manufacture for you promptly, at affordable costs. All our skirting is cut using our Superior carbide cutting knives for the smoothest finish, making it even easier for you to prime and paint. The popular rising increase of interest in our torus design skirting, has lead to us manufacturing a larger quantity consistently, however always ensuring we maintain our high standards.